Being accountable for the life one has, can be a bitter pill.  Especially when we feel we are not living up to our potential.  Surely, it must be the fault of circumstances, illnesses or someone else keeping us down.

No.  Not following your dream is directly attributable to your lack of confidence in the abilities you possess.  Everyone struggles from time to time, it is part of life’s journey.  If you do not pluck up the courage to heed your heart’s desire, no matter the reason, it is your choice.

There are people, the world over, who have overcome enormous obstacles in order to see, to its conclusion, the same goal you are running away from.  So it may take you longer to reach your objective.  Life is not a race that has to be run and won immediately.  Everything takes time.  Rome was not built in a day, no one has had a baby the day after sex and college degrees are not instantaneous.  (Not even over the Internet).  Anything worthwhile has to be nurtured and grown until reaching its natural maturity.

Taking that first step may be the most frightening as not only is one putting themselves on the line but there may be social pressure to accomplish what is being attempted.  This should never hinder the onset.  An honest interest in any subject must be given the chance to flourish.  As all quests can be altered, there should be no shame in switching course mid-stream.

To learn and grow may lead to other, more important ventures.  Holding your hand up and saying ‘I have decided to _____ (fill in the blank)’ will begin a voyage of discovery that may just guide you to untold happiness.  Every individual would do well to take on that challenge and not leave it to others to choice for you.

Yes, it may be more palatable for another person to take the blame for a bad decision but think of the benefits of being able to take pride in following your own path.  Being responsibile for your choices will surely lead to positive outcomes.


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