It is coming up to a year that I started this blog.  Five days a week, I write a little something that I hope will encourage those reading, to be, think and do better.

After years of perusing many, many self-help books there has been little difference in my thinking.  I experienced the same old battering of negative self-talk as I had always done.  The last eleven months have been different.  While I still see and can dwell on the dubious aspects of life, writing in a constructive manner has shifted something in my mindset.

It is difficult to run yourself down when you are doing your best to lift others up.  This in itself may be an exercise in self-help.  If you are having a problem why not write a letter to yourself extolling the ways and means you might offer to a friend who is experiencing the same conundrum.

Or better yet start your own blog and spread inspiring statements.  There can never be enough virtue in this world.  Be careful though, because you may find that you are being filled with peace and joy for no apparent reason.  It seems that all that has been read is actually hidden in the subconscious.  Without even knowing it.

Until only recently, since racking my brain to dispense the possibilities that are everywhere, has a renewed spirit of goodwill towards everyone, been found.

Minor crisis’ that used to paralyze, no longer even rate as an annoyance.  So-called ‘problems’ are faced and life moves on.  I suppose for those whose forte is not writing, they must find their own outlet for communicating the valuable ideas that are hidden away in the vast expanse of the brain.  Rest assured, they are there.

Take responsibility for the life you have and use your gifts to aid in the improvement of others.  You may be surprised at the positivity that flows outwards.


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