Hearing that clutter can stem the flow of creativity, it is time for a spring clean.  Get rid of all non-essential papers on the desk.  Sort through the piles of clothes that have mysteriously reached the heights of Everest.  And find a cubby hole or two for the jumble of junk that has been placed around each room.

It is therapeutic to have a clear out.  Sometimes a fresh start is what is needed to move forward.  The outward signs of a de-cluttering are obvious.  Yet, it is the inner domain that benefits the most.  In a pristine environment the energy field is allowed to travel freely from idea to idea to fruition.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, have a cleaning session.  Rearrange the disarray and purge the tipsy-turvy mess around you.  To create a space for everything allows a stream of inventiveness to sweep throughout the area.  This, in turn, will lead to an ideal atmosphere for insights to present themselves.

One can make a study of the art of Feng Shui which will help to align furniture and colours within the household in order to optimize possibilities.  Some may find this concept a waste of time or simply ridiculous.  But what if it works?  All one can do is give it a try.  If successful; good.  If not; there is always another approach to attempt.

The important thing is to take the time to tidy up.  Clear surfaces promote unobstructed mental activity.  It may not seem possible and one might chalk it down to coincidence as this is an easier explanation.  It stands to reason that a messy ambience causes chaos.  Both in reality and in the mind.

When it comes time to get serious about a clean and clear objective we should start by purifying our homes.  We might as well give ourselves the best chance possible to prevail.  Get rid of the clutter outside and reap the benefits of a clear mind on the inside.


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