Beauty In Art

Life without art is not worth living.  Now, I do not mean that in a dramatic ‘I’m going to cut my ear off’ kind of way.  What I mean is that without art life is so much less than it can be.  I would say, the majority of the populace live the whole of their lives in an artless state.  The humdrum existence of eating, sleeping and working does not always leave room for the beauty and excitement a wonderful piece of artwork can bring.  Hang a painting in the wall, set a scuplture on the desk or showcase some inspiring words and all of a sudden your world opens up to vibrant sights and sounds.

A sense of happiness permeates your field of influence.  Everywhere you go, everything you do and everyone you meet are all surrounded in an aura of love.  To infuse yourself in art and/or artistic endeavours encourages the soul to soar.  The very act of observing a work of art will change the body chemical make-up and promote healing.  Now, I am not claiming a visit to the art gallery will cure one of all ailments but taking in the artistry is bound to relieve one’s malady, if only for a brief time.

Whether appreciating the work of a particular artist or enjoying many different artists and art forms, the simple fact that they are a part of your life opens up the heart and mind to infinite possibilities.  This, in turn, broadens the horizons and positivity abounds.

If you are one of those people who does not have the time or inclination to participate in such frivolity know this; you are seeing life in a narrow, tunnel-visioned way.  There is so much more to be explored and discovered.  Let the imagination within you escape and blossom.  The pursuit of the finer things in life begins with the ability to view art everywhere.

I wish everyone the joys and pleasures that come with a created piece of work.  Nothing is so life affirming as the aesthetics one is given from an object d’art.  Feel the sense of aliveness and delight in the wonders of a masterpiece.


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