To Give; Divine

Giving from a place of love will surely bring about sought after abundance.  Granting favours without any expectation of return can be so freeing.  Someone is in need, you can fill that need; Boom, it is done.  Being open and honest enough to allow the free flow of goodwill to travel between yourself and another takes a certain amount of courage.  As things can be misrepresented or misunderstood so easily.

Living and sharing a life of plenty contributes to the outward appearance of abundance.  We all have the capability of opening our hearts and minds to possibilities.  No matter if the reality does not live up to the sentiment.  Doing everything you can to aid another in their quest for a better existence has to count for something.

They say ‘great joy comes from helping others reach their goals’ and that is, most certainly, a universal truth.  We do it as parents, friends and teachers.  Having the wherewithal to steer and guide those who are privileged enough to be a part of our lives is truly an honour.  Offering up our bountiful harvests of knowledge and skills in the pursuit of their dreams comes under the heading of unadulterated generosity.

There are still such copious souls in this world who will submit what they can without anticipation of rewards.  These are definitely the kind of people one wants as friends and/or mentors.  It takes a special kind of person to want what is best for another.  To actually aid in the achievement of the endeavour, is nobility itself.

Contributing in ways which benefit the furtherance of someone else’s aspirations will in turn reflect well on you.  Not that this is a reason to help.  When we think of others first it increases our potential to be infinitely bountiful.  Paying it forward and passing that on serves the quantum forces for good in this world.


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