Be An Encourager

Making connections with the soul purpose of helping another reach a desired goal is a commendable undertaking.  The experts say ‘the greatest gift to give someone else is to be instrumental in assisting them to be all they can be’.  There is an inner joy which comes from being the cause of another’s positive actions.

Encouraging the best in others reflects well on you.  Even though this is never the reason to inspire; an aura of goodness surrounds both participants.  To truly want others to succeed without any benefit to yourself is a selfless act of kindness.  And extremely rare these days.  If more people, outwardly, appreciated these giving souls, I dare say, there would be motivators everywhere.

Prosperous achievements can blind the recipient of good manners and fool them into believing they did it on their own.  Seldom is this true.  We all need help especially on the way up the ladder to success.  Often, once the pinnacle is reached one has forgotten all the assistance which was rendered along the way.  That is not to say the person is ungrateful, they may, merely be disillusioned about their own abilities.

These are the people whose rising star fades into the distance just as quickly as their ascent.  The one doing the encouraging is not burdened with these faults.  To cheer someone else on is the reward, in itself.  It is never in self-interest to pull away from inspiring others.  Whether they are appreciative of all you have done or not, holds no worth.

The value comes in being a positive influence.  Remaining optimistic in the face of adversity is an attractive trait.  Not many can resist the urge to befriend such powerful forces.

The people who claim they do not need such reassuring support are usually the ones who need it the most.  Take up the challenge and give a boost to all who touch your life.  The benefits will abound.


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