Take Things As They Come

Making plans and setting goals is all well and good.  It is an exercise in focusing on what we want.  Once the direction is set on a desired outcome, it is up to us to take the actions needed to reach those results.

The reality of the day to day process will not resemble the life imagined.  As the journey to get to a dream is fraught with set-backs and challenges.  It will serve us to work through these difficulties.  No matter how impossible we believe them to be.  No one’s life ever changed for the better by giving up.

It takes determination and self discipline to carry on in the face of adversity.  Yet, in order to move ahead these challenges must be faced head-on.  This is not to say that without tough times we will not appreciate our lot in life.  Even when we attain goals easily we can rejoice in a destination reached.

Living an easy life is something we all strive for, to a certain extent.  Why suffer unnecessarily?  Yet, more is learned from strife than ease.  This fact has to be dealt with in order to come to terms with accomplishing all aims.

With each plateau that is reached we should take a breather.  Time to revel and enjoy all that has been gained.  Zipping too quickly through the stages of a successful journey somehow lessens the experience.

They say the voyage is more important than the destination.  It is true.  Being able to be happy and delight in each milestone takes a bit of getting used to.  As one level is arrived at, too often, the focus immediately turns to the next phase.  It would be advantageous for peace of mind, body and spirit to relax into the new adventure of life’s travels.

Do not struggle or stress over perceived challenges.  Take things as they come while efforting towards your desires.  It will all work out the way it is meant to.


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