How many times have you heard the expression ‘you need to clear your mental blocks’?  If you are like me and are deep into this self-help world, it comes up weekly at the very least.

The people talking about it will offer to help by removing said snags in order to have a full and happy life.  ‘That’s what I want’ you say and sign up, whether it costs money or is free.  Now, these people truly want to assist you.  After all, the more people they aid to a better life, the more popular they will become and so on and so on.

They have you begin by answering a number of questions.  The first being ‘what block do you need clearing?’  This is where I get stuck.  If I knew what the obstruction was, I would fix it.  And by the time I have decided on something I think is the problem, the expert has moved on and I become lost.

Maybe it is just me?  It, very well, could be.  Being aware there is a hinderance does not signify that one knows the details.  Or even where to look in order to dig deeper for the answer.

My particular obstacle has been in the area of money.  It is more than just not earning enough (and that has been the challenge).  I know what I want; my passion, as it were, yet for decades I have earned exactly $0.00 from it.  So you say, ‘maybe this isn’t what you are meant to do’?  That is possible but I love this career choice and everything about the day to day process.  Even when it is difficult and I try to put it off, it is worked through.

So, obviously, the impediment is something more profound.  Only recently, (the last month or so) have I made the discovery that from the past and childhood renders there is a belief that has been instilled in me that this choice as a career is unattainable.  My subconscious is filled with ‘can’t be done’.

Now that I know this we shall see if I can change this limiting nonsense?  Keeping searching, if you struggle with this.  Slow down and allow for the truth to surface. We can all be blockbusters.


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