Perchance To Sleep

Sleep is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle.  To be deprived of it can lead to wellness issues.  Everyone has a different amount of required time to slumber which can be anywhere between seven to nine hours a night.  With eight hours being the average.  They say the best way to have a better sleep is to create a regular routine.

Going to bed and rising at the same times, not having too little or too much to eat before bedtime and schedule a relaxing ritual that will bring on comfort.  

The right amount of shut-eye will be of benefit to the old cognitive functions.  A sharper mind will result from a blissful rest.  Many of us awaken numerous times throughout the night.  For various reasons, bathroom breaks, rolling over or the dreaded leg cramp.  To have an uninterrupted interval in bed can be rare.  When it does occur, it is heaven.

There are some restless souls who can only enjoy sleep in short spurts.  And so long as the required number is met that can serve them.  A routine of regular exercise throughout the day can stabilize the nighttime repose.

No one really knows why the body needs to recover every night and yet it must replenish itself.  For those unable to participate in a fitful doze, do not lose hope, the lack of snoozing can be recaptured.  Breaking bad habits of rising after only a couple of hours can be knocked on the head.

Sleeping pills are not the answer.  They may help some but I regard them as a cry for help.  It may take a little extra effort to quieten the mind but it can be done and this route will be so much more healthy all around.  Deep breathing to regulate the heart works a treat.  It is the best way to fall into a worry-free slumber.

Getting the much needed rest we all need should be a priority.  It must be as important as anything else we do to remain hale and hearty.

Get some rest, my friends even if it is forty winks.


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