Be A Haven

When it seems like your world is falling apart, the sky is falling, Donald Trump is President of the United States, Britain is standing on its own and the dog ate your slippers.  What is needed is to let off a bit of steam.  Not everything goes our way all the time.

There is nothing so stress relieving as expounding our grievances to someone who will remain calm and courteous.  You do not want the other person to give off a sense of superiority.  Listening is a fine art.  One that gets lost in the desire to have their say.

Sometimes, the best way to help another is to keep quiet and allow them to vent, rant or simply purge themselves of all their pent up torment.  Without becoming an agony-aunt one must not only hear what is being said but there should be an emphatic understanding of the whole picture.

Without the emotions getting in the way, you can give leave to whatever the ranter feels.  It is all about bestowing the gift of a secure atmosphere for them to let loose.  Permission to be politically incorrect and not shamed for it should be the in the forefront.  As the person on the receiving end one must take into account when emotions are running high and ignore any raw insults that may slip out.

Everyone needs a place or person/people who will be a safe haven, where despite bad manners, rudeness or spewing forth misguided anger may rear its ugly head.  Being that trusted refuge can be draining but will allow a sense of relief for the complainer.  Giving them that gift may be worth the toll it can take.

If we are lucky enough to have that someone who will make the time to heed our laments we will be better for it.  Helping another is a generous act of love.  Listen without prejudice.


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