Leave ‘Em Laughing

There is something to be said for bringing joy into the lives of others.  The late (and great, in my opinion) Joan Rivers always quoted the experts as saying ‘the benefits of laughter are akin to therapy’ or words to that effect.  Dr Joan’s humour probably saved millions from an otherwise dreary existence.

Making people laugh is a skill.  Not everyone has the gift.  Some do not even appreciate it.  This to me, is a foreign concept as there is not much I will not laugh at.  Enjoying a chuckle is rare these days, especially if the humour is not pointed out with a LOL or LMAO.  I truly do not like these symbols as it smacks of ‘laugh at me and my clever remarks’.  I find a simple ‘Hee Hee’ to be a more honest response.

Having taken a serious turn for a second, I shall get back to the joys of presenting others with something to smile over.  Some people struggle with humour.  They believe they are hilarious and cannot stop forcing their witticisms on a tortured few.  No one wants to insult them with the truth of ‘you’re not funny’.  Then there are people who are funny without even knowing it.  These people are great to have as friends as they are an endless source of entertainment.

My personal favourite type of person is the one who knows they can bring humour to all situations and do so in a subtle, easy manner.  They are not the ‘in your face’ kind of individual.  There is simply a natural ability to point out the ridiculous, in others and themselves.

We all like to think we have a sense of humour.  There are millions all over the Internet and especially social media who flood their friends with jokes and humourous items.  Sharing these is a good thing.  (Until you get some relative that inundates you with cat videos when you are a die-hard dog lover).

The point is, if we can leave others with the gift of laughter, it brightens everyone’s day.  Leave ’em laughing, I say.

Sermon over, time for some serious quality television.  Are the Kardashians on?


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