Take A Walk

When everyday life begins to get to you, whether that manifests with boredom, stress or over work in order to regroup, it is best to participate in a bit of fun and healthy living.  The best way to do that is to get some exercise.  Physical activity has many benefits, not least of which is to allow the thoughts to be organized in a precise manner.

Keeping everything in alignment so as to provide clear and concise brain function can only bring about better decision making and intelligent concepts.  The very act of moving the body stimulates the synapses to fire in sequence which will awaken all manner of new and exciting ideas.

It does not take strenuous exercise to expose the inducement of careful considerations.  Nor does inspired reverie come to those who sit and vegetate.  Yes, the brain can and does work within any environment one subjects it to.  However, to get true insights one must be willing to nurture these impulses.

People will do just about anything for things to stay the same.  It makes for some hard realities.  Some times, the mind will not shut up no matter what we do to stop it.  Meditation and cleaning the mind may become impossible at this point and best thing for such an eventuality is to take a walk.

The very act of moving one foot in front of the other can aid in the pursuit of the present.  Physical routines will lead the mind to much needed reflection.  A stroll is designed to keep the body fit but works wonders for the brain as well.  It may surprise some how such a simple act, as walking is, will allow an individual the opportunity to settle down and really think things through.

Also, not everyone has the same perceptive.  They may have been brainwashed at a young age into thinking that the mind and body are separate entities.  Not so.  The best way to get those juices flowing is and stimulate the grey matter is with a walk.


Unlimited Imagination

We all have the capability to use our imagination to get all we want in life.  The more vivid we make the visions, the better the chance of success.  There is no off button on one’s originality.  We dream constantly whether a direct focus is on constructive images or the concentration is on destruction.  The choice is always ours.  Especially, if we are unaware of the power we weld.

The good news is, that our ingenuity knows no bounds.  Unless we settle for the trappings of reality, everything can change.  All it takes is a bit of thought-provoking creativity and our worlds will expand to immense heights.

Any area of one’s life can be altered to better fit their wants and desires.  Are you in a job you hate?  Do you want a better relationship or to be in a relationship period?  Do you desire the happiness others seem to possess?  It is possible to achieve all.  Every restrained belief one has, can be thrown out with a little thoughtful enterprise.  If one is careful with the ideas they choose to heed, it is feasible.  There is only one thing that ever holds a person back and that is the mind of that individual.

If we can picture a happy outcome, the brain’s inventiveness will direct it to fruition.  What we focus on, consciously and sub-consciously will come to pass with very little energy wasted.  For this reason we must make a concerted effort to channel those thoughts towards what will be beneficial to ourselves.  Which means we must harness the vast reach of our mental capacity.

We deserve to get everything we can out of this life.  And the first step is to use the mind properly.  The unlimited imagination will allow for all possibilities.  The next step is to act on these clear visions.  The combination of mind and action renders all things attainable.  You can have it all.

Beauty Within

This subject was brought to my attention through a social media incident where a person changed their profile photo because of negative comments about their looks.  Now, some people’s first reaction may be anger and (possibly) rightly so. The solution I opted for was to send them a message to make them feel good about themselves.

It got me thinking though.  What type of person deliberately attempts to make others feel bad?  As I wrote to this person ‘we are all different and that is what makes life interesting’ I find these purveyors of negativity just as fascinating.  They, obviously, do not or can not respect themselves and there is no self-love available to them.  Living the torture of self-hate comes out in all ways.  That must be hell to endure.

In turn, I almost wish I knew who they were to offer them a bit of self-respect.  And let them know, while their opinions do not need to be shared, they are entitled to them.  

Beauty is only skin deep.  It’s real power comes from within.  If someone else can not see it or find that trait in another, it is okay.  I dare say, the person being judged on their outward appearance, does not find anything remotely attractive about the others.

It is much the same when viewing a piece of art work.  While one person absolutely loves a particular painting, another thinks it is a piece of crap.  Someone loves a song on the radio and another switches stations when it comes on.  It is all subjective.

The error is in spreading the wicked opinions.  Negativity begets negativity.  I am absolutely sure these people are in constant wonder as to why so many people are down on them.  These poor souls need as much, or more, love flowing into them.  But would they notice or appreciate it?  Probably not.

In order, not to be like them, wish them well and walk away.  And hope they find the good grace to change their ways.  For their own sakes, as well as everyone else.

Be Yourself

A good portion of our lives is spent trying to impress others.  It starts with parents, siblings and various family members.  This can manifest by being the helpful one, the funny one or the trouble maker.  Over time a role is settled on within the family unit and the part is played to perfection.

Once schooling commences, the next portrayal is undertaken.  Labels can be handed out as the smart one, the social one or the trouble maker.  The many teachers one endures over the years can either help or hinder development both as students and individuals.  The evolution of progress will have its ups and downs and the environmental influences contribute to the person one ends up being.

So when exactly does a man or woman become who they are meant to be?  Decades can be spent never knowing the answer.  Most do not even think about the question.  One simply exists.  There is no inner work and life is shaped by everything else around.  There is no conscious effort to choose.  This can lead to never having the ideal life.

It is always best to be a part of the decision making and not allow others to dictate the outcome.  This will only lead to dissatisfaction.  An individual’s future cannot be based on the ideas of others.  No matter how well meaning.

What it comes down to is self-determination.  Yes, while younger control is given up and the concepts of others are ingrained.  This does not mean their beliefs have to be taken on.  It may be difficult to switch simply because of an unawareness that the notions are embedded.  The younger the exposure to these tenets, the less likely will the veracity of them be questioned.

There comes a time to resolve who we are despite all the outside provocation.  Taking everything into account, including all gained knowledge, a destiny will be determined.  For better or worse, the choice to be ourselves is ours and ours alone.

Give, Give, Give

There have been times in my life when I wanted a particular outcome.  A secret dream, as it were.  And as no one else was aware of this desire, I would hold on to it tightly.

If there were others with similar goals, instead of joining forces to make things easier, I would keep all opportunities to myself.  The reasoning behind this was that if I could find these chances than so could they.  And it was up to them to do so.

Luckily, this way of thinking has been outgrown.  The decision to share any and all information has been reached.  If someone else can use that knowledge to do great things for themselves, who am I to hinder their progress?  Whatever the reason to not help; jealousy, selfishness or envy, it no longer exists.  My desire to help others has become greater than my own imagined success.

The strange thing is, the more I give without expectation of return, the happier I am and the more appreciated I feel.  Opportunities are presenting themselves left, right and centre.  And still, I am sharing those out with anyone who can benefit.  Maybe holding back was an ‘ego’ thing where I felt I deserved some luck of my own?  The possiblitity of turning my fortune around never occurred when those limiting beliefs were held.  The good fortune that comes with this type generosity only makes steering more people towards their desires an enjoyable endeavour.

Who knew giving would end up being so profitable in a spirit-filled way?  There is something to be said for the esteem that is bestowed upon one when helping another achieve their goals.  This, of course, is not why it is being done.  A genuine desire to help one achieve their purpose in life enriches all involved.

So from now on, my mantra is give, give, give.  I shall give the knowledge I gain.  I shall give the gift of making others feel good about themselves and I shall give all the assistance I can to allow them to succeed.

Face The Truth

Every time the truth is faced there is a calming effect.  Being one of those people who will not gloss over or misrepresent facts in the hopes of making one appear in a better light, I am constantly seeking the true meanings behind people, places and things.

There are some people who never want to acknowledge the facts and will spin their role in all situations so that they come out the hero.  To concoct falsehoods for the sake of saving face never bodes well.  There is something inside all of us that knows when we are lying; even to ourselves.  When this occurs, you can be sure that there will be a sabotaging of inner peace because of the deceptions we make.  It eats away at the soul.  Leaving those engaging in such activities sad individuals.

And these people believe they are getting away with something.  Simply because one is not caught in the fiction right away.  They will mistakenly assume the story told has been accepted as evident.  Another fallacy.

Peeling away the layers of truth helps one to find the core of their very essence.  This can be as frightening as it is enlightening.  Accepting of the good, bad and ugly may be a tough mountain to climb, as who wants to think they are dishonourable?  We should be prudent enough to dwell in the knowledge that none of this makes us bad people.  That, in itself, can be a revelation.

It can take years to whittle down to the raw material that is one’s beliefs.  The closer we get to our authentic substance, the less one is shamed into hiding honest feelings.  Facing the truth will always have a positive result and accepting whatever that truth is will bring about an uncomplicated interior which manifests in an outer serenity as well.

Being trustworthy with others is valuable but having faith in yourself is astronomically constructive.  Do all you can to find the real you.  It is in there and it is good.


Being accountable for the life one has, can be a bitter pill.  Especially when we feel we are not living up to our potential.  Surely, it must be the fault of circumstances, illnesses or someone else keeping us down.

No.  Not following your dream is directly attributable to your lack of confidence in the abilities you possess.  Everyone struggles from time to time, it is part of life’s journey.  If you do not pluck up the courage to heed your heart’s desire, no matter the reason, it is your choice.

There are people, the world over, who have overcome enormous obstacles in order to see, to its conclusion, the same goal you are running away from.  So it may take you longer to reach your objective.  Life is not a race that has to be run and won immediately.  Everything takes time.  Rome was not built in a day, no one has had a baby the day after sex and college degrees are not instantaneous.  (Not even over the Internet).  Anything worthwhile has to be nurtured and grown until reaching its natural maturity.

Taking that first step may be the most frightening as not only is one putting themselves on the line but there may be social pressure to accomplish what is being attempted.  This should never hinder the onset.  An honest interest in any subject must be given the chance to flourish.  As all quests can be altered, there should be no shame in switching course mid-stream.

To learn and grow may lead to other, more important ventures.  Holding your hand up and saying ‘I have decided to _____ (fill in the blank)’ will begin a voyage of discovery that may just guide you to untold happiness.  Every individual would do well to take on that challenge and not leave it to others to choice for you.

Yes, it may be more palatable for another person to take the blame for a bad decision but think of the benefits of being able to take pride in following your own path.  Being responsibile for your choices will surely lead to positive outcomes.