The Gift Of You

Every one of us has special traits.  There is something (or many things) that we excel at doing without much effort.  Usually, because we are so good, these activities are enjoyed all the more. And the further we participate, the better we become and the more we like it.  It is a never ending cycle of joy.

As such, we have a few choices to make.  Do we keep these skills to ourselves?  Do we allow a small group to join in?  Or do we go full out and share with the rest of the world?  In the past going big may have been only for the lucky few.  Now, the world is a mere click away.  It is much easier to dispense whatever talents your have to offer.  To focus on sharing is the way to manifest positive feedback.

Having the belief and confidence that your gift is worth bestowing on others may take some time and work.  It will be well worth it in the end.  ‘I have nothing special to give’ you may be saying.  I can guarantee that there is some unique talent that you possess.  It may not bring worldwide fame but I bet there are others who would benefit from your particular expertise.

Sometimes because these natural abilities are seemingly effortless the value can be disregarded.  This is a mistake.  It is unimportant how easy it is to acquire the knowledge and skills.  Passing them along is what counts.  When one opens up to helping others reach even higher plateaus they will find their world expanding. 

Be free, be open and share your gifts. 


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