Using the imagination is encouraged in kids yet frowned upon in adults as a childish endeavour.  Why is this?  The act of using one’s mind to come up with new and unique ways of thinking or ideas is at the very foundation of a better life.

We all possess an inventiveness despite the fact that some hide, it out if discomfort or worse; shame.  To not permit the creative juices to flow is the disgrace.  Allowing the limiting beliefs of others to stifle one’s original designs must be combatted with fortitude and grace.

When thinking about everything in this modern world of ours it all stems from the fertile ruminations of one person or many persons who had the good sense to see thier visions through to a satisfying end.

The inner strength it takes to forge ahead in the face of, sometimes, astronomical opposition cannot bring about a tranquil existence.  Yet, the struggle to carry on speaks to the individual’s endurance and assumption that what they have to offer will contribute positively in the furtherance of mankind.

That sort of conviction must be empowering.  I dare say, using the imagination in a creative way lends itself to such lofty intentions.  Only a mind free of restrictions where possibilities are concerned, can truly set in motion the fulfillment of discoveries that can change the world for the better.

It seems to me, this should be encouraged in adults.  Instead of being a naysayer, it would behoove us if we were to foster the resourcefulness of ingenuity in those so gifted.  The best way to move forward is to support these unique and distinct individuals willing to place themselves in positions that may not be understood at first.  

Allow them to soar and reap the benefits of thier creative imagination.  And if you are one of these people, let your ideas take flight.


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