Be Fair

As a kid, I had a huge revelation when told about the ‘Golden Rule’.  ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.  It made perfect sense.  

The religious aspect aside, as I was nowhere near a church upon hearing this truth, the saying made a huge impression.  What could be more fair than that?  This way of thinking had to be right.  No one could go amiss while thinking of how one wants to treated and returning the sentiment in like manner.

From that day to this, it has always been important to see the other side of things.  I find it the best way to come to a reasoned decision.  Along with kindness, treating others the way you want to be treated will reflect well on one’s inate ability to manage all sides alike.

There are times when we would rather be correct than upright and honourable.  No one is perfect.  There will always be differences of opinions.  One must allow others to hold true whatever beliefs they want.  So long as no one is harmed.  It seems to be a no-brainer in giving others the leeway to find what works for them.

Being fair means there will be a concerted effort to travel a bit down the road of their viewpoint.  There is no need to take on board those different notions.  Simply observe.  That is key.  Keeping an open mind will go a long way in the quest for fairness.  Impacting another’s life by fairplay is beneficial.  Good comes from objective judgements.  The journey of equal rights is steeped in treating all without prejudice.

There will be times when we feel disregarded and overlooked.  It happens.  Life has a way of balancing out the good with the bad.  Keeping a positive outlook will help to remain grounded in an honest state of mind.

Being reasonable in the face of adversity will allow for a quicker forward motion.  No one has the right to keep you from playing according to the rules.  Be fair with others and they will do likewise.


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