The Past

We all have a past.  Good, bad or indifferent, clinging to what was will never allow for growth.  It is easy to dwell on experiences that have occurred as there is no longer a fear attached that will render us immobile.

Life, like driving, will be an endless string of accidents if we try to move forward while concentrating only on the rear view mirror.  The future can be full of trepidation and apprehension simply because of the unfamiliar aspects.  It is what makes life an exciting roller coaster ride.

Learning to accept the unknown will be freeing.  No one wants to remain in a limited mindset.  In order to expand our worlds we must focus on possibilities.  What happened years, months or weeks, ago cannot be changed.  The outcome is fixed.  And while there is comfort in that, there is no chance of changing those events.

That is not to say we must remain welded to those thoughts and beliefs.  So long as there is breathe in our bodies, we have the wherewithal to alter our brainwork and therefore create a different and better future.  It can be easy to get stuck in days gone by.  For most of us that reality is more attractive than a nebulous long term prospect.

The past and the future can rob us of living in the present.  This is one of life’s hardest lessons.  Finding the right balance between learning from the past, while planning a stunning future, yet remaining present.  No one can box this into an indisputable formula.

Every bit is life that has been lived is valuable in the quest for all our tomorrows.  Taking pleasure in and from what once was will help shape what is to be.

The past is over and by all means look on it fondly.  We cannot live there though.  Instead, allow it to design finer opportunities for today.


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