The Frequency Of Love

We have all experienced this at some time in our lives.  Whether involving parents, children, that special someone or even a pet when all you feel is pure unadulterated love.  And because it is so unsullied the emotions spill over into other areas causing us to vibrate at the frequency of love.

It is a good place to be.  Everything is good and light and fun.  The negative stuff simply does not register.  These particular times are filled with caring and sharing and no expectations of return.  And that would be because the focus becomes on what goes out, not what comes in.  The byproduct of these selfless emotions is, of course, that one is open to allowing the love in as well.

Too often receiving love is more difficult because the focus is on giving.  This robs others of that pleasure and we must learn to accept gracefully what comes to us in the way of love.

Radiating warm feelings is something we can all call on whenever we want.  To conjure them up we merely bring to mind people, places and things which we fancy.  The internal vibes will reverberate and cause the body to respond automatically.  There is no struggle or strain involved.  It will be totally natural.

Being at this peak can only last a short period of time at first.  Yet, the more one lives at the higher plain the easier it gets.  We should all be so lucky to experience this level of being.

It is never easy to explain how to get there as feelings are more important once this state is achieved.  You will know it though when nothing and no one bothers you.  The negative aspects of the outside world simply bounce off.

Once the frequency of love has been reached it will fill one to the brim and because the heart is so full it will automatically spill over and affect all those we come in contact with.  Do not be surprised when others are attracted to you because of this.

Let it in and share it.


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