Good Vibrations

Recently, I experienced a strange occurrence involving another person’s energy level.  First of all let me say, having heard about and understood vibrations (as much as I can) and people emitting frequencies, I had never (to my knowledge or awareness) been exposed to it.

A couple of years ago through a bizarre weather event, I was forced to abandon the home, temporarily, for about a month.  Staying with a relative, whom I had not lived with in decades.  It turned out to be horrendous, for a number of different reasons.  None of which matter.  Except I left that house feeling extremely grateful to be going home.  Now, my life is not the happiest or easiest of circumstances at present but for months after returning I could not help smiling and observing an inner joy.

With careful consideration I came to realize that the environment of my relatives was so insidious and demeaning that if left me scarred.  I do not want to ever go back there.  Now, I like this relative and we talk often.  The distance between us is not merely in the amount of miles we are apart.  The mindset gap is vast.

I could feel an undercurrent of manipulation while staying there that I had not felt in over a year.  (Another story). So being home and happy has been fabulous.

As I said, I speak to this relative often and have noticed a lack of confidence in them that was never there before.  And there is an unwillingness to admit to anything being amiss.  Now, that is not surprising.  Who wants to face up to negative influences especially when it is those nearest and dearest to us.

Anyway, I assumed it was my relative that was the dissenting power in that household.  However, and here is where the unique incident comes in.  Not long ago I met up with the relative and their spouse.  During an innocent conversation I could actually feel the antagonistic vibes flowing from the spouse.

Luckily, I did not join in the need to manipulate others.  I let them be who they are.  It, certainly, was a revelation though.  Being able to see and feel another person’s aura can be scary.

Vibrate at a high level and remain positive as much as possible.  You may be affecting others.


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