‘It is better to give than receive’ is something we are told as children, usually around Christmas time when all kids are furiously composing lists of toys for themselves.  The sentiment is often lost.  It is not until a loved one requires special care or a cause is in dire need, that we step up and deliver.  The true meaning of offering ourselves with no expectation of return is felt as the focus on serving others become prominent.

This transpires with women, the world over, upon giving birth.  A new life demands an enormous amount of generosity which is freely given (in most cases).  Women reap the benefits of unconditional caring on a number of levels.  All of which are emotional and therefore priceless.  The takers of this world never understand the importance of such selfless acts.  To them giving is a mugs game.  In reality, they are the mugs.

It calls for a fundamental honest bit of humanity to share oneself.  To do it without thoughts of recompense can be its own reward.  The best things in life being free and bestowing the gift of your presence in the face of loneliness or struggle will restore people’s faith in humankindness.

Compassion, empathy and goodwill go a long way towards helping each other.  We can all use this.  Whether directed inwardly or externally.  Yes, we may present ourselves with much-needed offerings.  True joy will come from those most appreciative of the aid that is given.

Too often, society will discourage any caring acts of kindness in favour of a ‘me . . . me . . . me . . .’ attitude.  They will have one convinced that doing the right thing is not being fair to yourself.  This selfishness feeds into our basest egocentric thoughts and feelings.  What about me?  The question is valid until switched around and you ask ‘what if someone were to help me?’  Wouldn’t that be great?

So be the benefactor for someone in reduced circumstances.  Do it lovingly and with kindness.  You will be richer for it.


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