The Unexpected

For all of our plotting and planning, goal setting and dreaming, often we are faced with unexpected events.  They may be bad, they may be good.  The point is, not everything goes according to plan.  Yet, is this true?  Sometimes, the very things that throw us for a loop end up being exactly what is needed to propel us to the next level.

It would be nice if one could prepare for all eventualities life throws at us.  To a certain extent a lifetime of experience does that.  Regardless of how long or short that life is.

To know the future is a control freaks dream.  As they can manipulate their desired outcomes.  Some things are better left a conundrum.  There is excitement in not knowing.  While encountering a perceived bad patch there will be no joy.  It is often the case that in the midst of struggle pleasure eludes us.

Luckily, once the upheaval has passed a more appropriate meaning can be designated at the incidents.  Beneficial circumstances hardly need to be mentioned.  We all know how to celebrate a surprising victory.  No need to search for a positive spin.

Sometimes, the way unanticipated events are handled speaks volumes about where we are emotionally and spiritually.  This too, can be an indication of whether adjustments must be made.  There are people who come up trumps during a crisis.  The opposite is also true.  A balanced response is best.

All one can do is cope as best they can.  If lessons are learned, all the better.  Acquiring knowledge is never a bad thing.  Take solace in the fact that others have undergone similar challenges.

The unexpected can be paralyzing with fear or it can be tremendously adventurous.  Ferreting out a favourable significance will improve us, mind, body and spirit.


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