They say worry robs one’s joy in the present.  Indulging may turn into fear and/or stress.  None of which is particularly helpful.  Is it possible to keep yourself from worrying?  This is notably difficult especially when a loved one is concerned.  In these cases it is a lack of control and feelings of helplessness that weigh heavy.  Positive, happy thoughts may be expressed for the sake of others when all the while trepidation and dread fill one.

The tough thing about worry is in the midst of it, no matter how much you chide yourself to stop, the mind continues in overdrive.  Sometimes it is best to let things run their course.  Eventually, the concern comes to a conclusion, good or bad, and moving forward can commence.  Be assured that no matter what the outcome of any disturbance human beings are excellent survivors and will change accordingly.  This does not mean the past is ever forgotten.  Far from it.

So how to surmount this obstacle?  Meditating will help.  If you can quieten the mind while in the middle of turmoil.  Most people cannot.  Distracting oneself with things enjoyed is beneficial as it substitutes the agitation for pleasurable endeavours.  Partaking in physical activities may reduce the stress and alleviate some of the bodily ailments that are associated with too much torment.  There is always the Scarlet O’Hara approach which is to ‘think about it tomorrow’.  (Probably more effective than experts want you to believe.)

I like to keep the old adage ‘this too shall pass’ foremost in my mind.  And try to remember that I can handle whatever comes up.  (Not always easy.). Bombarding the brain with affirmations, positive reminders from websites, apps and most of all self-help books.  Relief is at hand.  It is all a matter of searching for it and taking it in.


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