No Limits

When sorting out a life’s purpose, being in the right frame of mind is key to getting answers.  There are any number of options when one is finding their way.  There must be a calm, quiet time to prepare for the insights to materialize.  Meditating or simply sitting silently with no agenda for thoughts is best.

Allowing deep reflection a free range will bring about spontaneous intuition.  Now, this may be difficult for the logical mind to accept.  Instincts are not always reasonably sound ideas when examined with a sensible attitude.  We all need to earn a living and sometimes our hearts direct us to passions which are financially imponderable.

This should never hinder the pursuit of our desires.  Nor does it mean we have to give up our earnings to become a starving artist.  Yearning and struggle do not exist if one is happily following their bliss.  Inspiring ourselves within marginal confines will only stifle the creative flow, this must be avoided, at all costs.

In order to open up to an unfettered way of living one must permit the mind to consent to the possibilities of the untried, being attainable.  We all have prejudices and perimeters of what we believe to be possible.  Chucking those beliefs out the window and creating an endless surge of trust in our own abilities is the only way we will strive forward and become all we can be.

One must be encouraged to prospect with limits.  The biggest impediment is often ourselves and our fixed awareness of what is credible.  Nothing can be done until someone does it.  Human beings would still be living in caves if we did not push ourselves to greater heights.  We can be and do so much more than we perceive.  All it takes is some unique imagination.  We all possess that.  Let us expand our universe and live without limits.


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