We all have value.  From the tiniest of beings to the most successful in their fields.  The worth fixed is not necessarily a monetary cost as some things are priceless.  Even in this day and age.

‘Everybody has their price’ is a cynical view of our fellow human beings.  Not everything should be judged on the amount others have deemed financially appropriate.

There are many ways to assess importance.  Ideals and standards must be considered.  As well as morals , ethics and beliefs.  Using all these preceptions to come to a reasoned verdict as to the merits of any person, place or thing is what gives it value.

And it is a totally personal affair.  We may be influenced by the opinions of others.  Yet, our true thoughts and feelings on the matter will be ours alone.  It might be easier to ‘go along with the crowd’ and not take the time and effort to form our own evaluations.  This is a mistake.  As individuals we owe it to ourselves and others to give due diligence and flex the decision making muscle.  

After all, you would not want someone else to choose a spouse for you.  (I know this still happens in some archaic societies)  I say, trust in your own abilities.  You and your opinions are as valuable as anyone else’s.  More so when it concerns life-altering results.

What we choose to esteem and value are the entities that are important to us.  It is not often we will give credence to anything we do not revere.  And that can be a huge variety.  Popularity, while nice, is not an indicator of reverence.  Except to ourselves.

Each one of us has a number of areas in which we are interested.  And the values we place on these are subjective.  Whatever appraisals we have deemed suitable are right for us.

Never let another’s assessment prevent you from something you have venerated.  Have confidence in the value you have bestowed and pursue your loves to their natural conclusions.


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