The Art Of Writing

Whether one is a professional writer, aspires to be one or merely keeps a journal, something magical happens when pen is put to paper.  Not only can problems be sorted in a timely manner, but peace can be found through such a simple act.

Writing allows one to express themselves in a creative way.  It could be through a work of fiction, diary entries or a straight forward goal setting session.  Before more modern technologies writing was the best way to communicate from a distance. To a certain extent it still is.  The advent of the computer had brought a bit of this back.  The difference is that because of instant access to people places and things, rushing tends to occur and true meanings can be lost.

It would be better to take a few moments to read over what is being conveyed in order to correct mistakes and articulate precisely the intent we wish to impart.  Not to mention typo’s that inevitably transpire either through speedy dispatch or the dreaded auto-correct.  (Which is only annoying when it gets the word wrong.  When it is right, blessings.)

Texting, Twitter and other character limiting inventions contribute to the construction and destruction of the written word.  Sometimes, being as concise as possible is a good thing.  It gets right to the point without all the flowery excessive verbiage.  Some may be put off by this, some not.  Then there is the shortening of words in order to fit in within the confined space.  Some find this ingenious.  To each his own.

Writing is something most of us take for granted, as everyone can do it.  (Nearly everyone).  Not so long ago this was not the case.  The general populace did not have this option and society was sorely lacking because of it.  Thank goodness, today, we can use this form of communication to connect with many, all over the world.

Like anything else, this power can be used for good or evil.  As always, good is better.  Writing can help in so many ways.  It can bring peace, solace and divulge life-changing ideas to those that need it.

Write well, my friends.


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