Choices: Do Right.

Doing the right thing usually results in good karma.  Not that this is the only reason to act honourably.  Nobility should be its own reward.  Yet how many times has there been a story on the news of an honest soul acting in a proper manner?  Is this news?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is a rare occurrence for individuals to operate with integrity.  It should be ‘the norm’.  Do not get me wrong, by all means, celebrate virtue.  Encourage it in others.  Most importantly, expect it of yourself.  It may not be what everyone else is doing and you may appear foolish, although it is better to be an honest fool than a disreputable excuse for a human beings.

Trust is as important a feature as love, kindness and sincerity.  Every human has the capacity to nuture these traits.  And no, they are not weaknesses.  We all have a choice in life.  Whether to be and do good or to cut corners and cheat.  The only one to suffer any consequences will be you.

Knowing that, might not stop the improper behaviour as seldom is the magnitude of those actions felt right away.  We think we can get away with ‘it’.  Do not be deceived.  The conscience is a powerful leveller.  No one can find true happiness when misrepresenting themselves.  Be decent enough to respect others.  Cultivating traits like honesty, incorruptibility and principles.  It will serve one well in the long run.  Too many compromise these characteristics in favour of a quicker route to imagined happiness.  Only to find they have sold their soul to the devil and peace eludes them.

Making the right choice may not be easy or popular but if one can look themselves in the mirror knowing they have acted properly, there is no self recrimination and tranquility will abound.

Be bold.  Do the right thing.  Choose wisely.


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