We all have times in life filled with adventures.  That can mean different things to different people.  Needless to say, whatever the brouhaha, this spell can supply much-needed enjoyment or permeate us in dread.  Yes, even good things can be feared.  Seems strange but is perfectly true.

During any eventful occurrence the feelings we have are what will deem them happy or otherwise.  It is the old ‘glass half empty, half full’ decision.  Getting married, having children or buying houses are all sensational, momentous occasions.  How can anything be bad about such times, you may ask?  Seeing only the good is laudable and chances are, with this attitude success is bound to result.  Not everyone thinks so positively and that is perhaps why a great many marriages fail, children become destructive and houses turn into money pits.

Solutions are available for any feelings of regret and apprehension.  And that is, ‘we each have, within us, the solution to every problem there is in the world’.  It may not come to us right away.  We may struggle especially upon a lack of confidence in our ability to figure it out.  Rest assured the answer to all problems is at our disposal.  

We must dig deep to access it.  Sometimes, no one else can tell us what to do.  We must come up with our own resolutions.  Even if the response we finally settle on is something a loved one has been spouting for years.  Or not.  When ready to act, do it with joy in the knowledge that positive forces are at work.

No one is immune to the good or bad over a lifetime.  Nor do any of us get a free pass from experiencing hardships.  The one good thing about life (and politicians) is that in a few years everything will change.  Forcing problems to go away without properly responding will doom the difficulty to repeat.  Take the time to face all situations and deal with them as best as you can.  

A cool head and space will allow the imagination to flourish and result in a happy outcome.  Trust.


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