Bring Joy

Having fun is sometimes difficult as an adult.  We are bombarded with the stresses of everyday life.  Working, paying bills household chores looking after children and staying in shape for appearances sake.  It can be extremely overwhelming.  Laughing and carrying on is only acceptable when liquor is involved.  Only then do strangers understand what is the motivation for a good time.

I say ‘stuff that!’

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I have never comprehended the allure of alcohol.  The lack of control totally eludes me.  Not that I am a control freak.  (Far from it).  I simply find it more enjoyable to create the good time myself.  And that is all it takes.  We all have it, within us, to concoct pleasure out of thin air.

There does not have to be a structured perimeter with which playfulness must be contained within.  Find something amusing, laugh at it.  Particularly if it is something you have said or done.  It seems we are losing the ability to chuckle at ourselves.  This tends to be the case in the work environment.  As everything must be taken seriously.  Work is demanding, weighty and somber.  No room for revelry here.  Not without the say so of the solemn boss.

The whole scenario is highly amusing.  Happy employees make for better working conditions which, in turn, results in higher profits.

Yet, this is not just about the time spent at the office (or factory or where have you).  The grim behaviour spills over into our private/personal lives and being joyful is not only a lost art it becomes hard work.  Happiness ought to be the natural state of things.  Watch any baby smile for no reason.  It is easy.

There is only one thing better than being happy yourself and that is the bringing of joy to others.  It takes special people to make strangers and friends, alike, feel good.  Maya Angelou’s quote, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, and what you did but will never forget how you made them feel’ is bang on.

It is extremely fulfilling to bring joy to others.  Create it, share it.


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