Keep Your Word

In this day and age where phony internet friendships are created at the click of a button, it is more important than ever to honour our commitments.  This refers to the people closest to us or even those we intend to continue forming these relationships with.

Too many times the politically correct notion is spouted despite the fact that the individual does not believe in the merits of the sentiments.  Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you do not truly believe in something do not give credence to it simply to impress.  The words we speak can become reality.  If there is no congruence the conflicts will manifest in a number of different ways.  Having contrasting beliefs tends to leave an individual in a tailspin.  There may not be the awareness that the reason for the downward spiral is caused by underlying scepticism yet, the body knows when it is being lied to.

Living without total alignment in body, mind and spirit, thoughts, words and actions will take a toll if one attempts to fool themselves.  Now, I know popular beliefs are encouraged and to take umbrage with what the general public deems acceptable can lead to bullying and shaming.  Respectfully disagreeing is becoming nearly impossible, especially by those who praise the virtues of tolerance.

To oppose with kindness is far more effective.  Keeping your word in the first place will alleviate any clashes between opinions and verbal expressions.  There will be no harmful consequences to living in authentic harmony.  Being an individual (in thought and deed) should be celebrated.  Human beings are not automatons that must conform to common conceptions.

We are all flawed and that should be taken into consideration when we act like sheep following the leader.  With careful consideration form your own views.  They may be right, they may be wrong?  It is okay.  If you say you will do something, do it.  Keeping your word is as important for your own peace of mind as it is for how others perceive you.


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