Nature : A Fine Healer

Taking a walk in the forest can be a soothing experience, not to mention the pattern interrupt from an otherwise hectic life.  The sound of birds chirping and the wind rustling through the leaves will bring down the blood pressure.  So long as one remains present.  Strolling through the woods will never be of benefit if your head is still at the office.  One has to retrain themselves to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Being near water is also helpful.  Whether by the ocean, sitting watching the sunset/sunrise over the lake or simply listening to a babbling brook.  The fresh air of the great outdoors can refresh the disposition in numerous ways.

As a kid, the family went camping every summer.  Taking part in nature walks was an exciting afternoon’s excursion.  On a hot August day being under cover of a canopy of leaves would make up for any lack of air conditioning.  The shade would be so much cooler.  Following the well-worn paths through the wilds of northern Ontario, one would be on the lookout for a rattlesnake or bear.  Neither of which was ever spotted although the prospect of meeting danger remained.

My favourite feature was always the mid-way point where we would reach the rocks that led into the lake.  The Great Lakes are so vast that one cannot see the other side.  Living near them, it is easy to forget that lakes are thought of as small bodies of water and compared to oceans they are.  Yet, without a tide the lake is tranquil.  The haunting call of the loon is ever present and can be as soothing as a lullaby.  

Wherever you hail from, there is nature all around.  When the days, weeks or years of the career rat race pile up, you would do well to explore the natural wonders of your own countries and backyards.  Nature has a way of comforting the soul.  Even if you are not the outdoorsy type, give your region a chance to restore the spirit.  It will never fail.


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