Calm Down

There is a tendency to rush through life.  Making plans is encouraged by many.  Whether bosses, husbands, wives, parents or simply individuals wanting to map out a way to achieve their goals.  While these lists can be helpful with sorting out what is important in one’s life, it does tend to bring about a never-ending series of ‘next’.

We reach one outcome that has been set and before that can be enjoyed or savoured, we are on to number two, three or four, etc . . .  In our reckless pursuit of ‘success at any cost’ we are losing the ability to slow down and enjoy ourselves along the way.  Most agree that the destination is not nearly as important as the journey.  Yet, the constant striving has rendered that impossible.

To continue in this vein can become detrimental to one’s health if allowed to go on for extended periods of time.  We must recharge the energy fields within us.  The way to do this can be as simple as playing with a pet or taking a nature walk.  Meditating is always helpful when seeking placid composure.  Exercising will be beneficial so long as there is no hurry to get to all the different muscle groups in one go.

There is nothing as powerful as staying in the present.  Forcing yourself to not think about what is next on the agenda and just allowing things to flow as they will, can be life changing.  Deep breathing is a fantastic exercise in remaining tranquil provided, of course, one does not fall asleep.  Mind you, slumber is nature’s way of recharging so if a power nap is needed, take it.

The biggest misconception about serenity is that there is no time to schedule quiet into one’s life.  When we relax we tend to stretch those precious intervals needed to complete everything we set out to accomplish.  There is no need for haste other than to hurry up and calm down.


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