The Merits Of Reading

This may be self-serving to write about how wonderful it is to read but here goes.  Human beings are learning machines.  There is nothing that will make us feel more alive than filling up with the knowledge of something novel.  There is not a subject on this planet that has not been written about.  Look up any interest and a multitude of reading materials are at hand.

Whether fiction or non-fiction reading will inevitably bring with it something to be gleaned.  This simple skill is what separates us from our primal ancestors.  The higher the literacy rate in any society the more advanced the people are.  Survival of the fittest does not only refer to our physical strength.

Anyone who takes the time to exercise their ‘little grey cells’ with a book, blog or article is helping themselves to become better.  As a fan of self-help books, I understand the importance of new ideas that can expand a limited existence.  We can only know what is in our realm of everyday life.  Reading transcends that.  It can take us to never-before-imaged mindsets that can increase our paths, setting us on a course to paradise.

The ability to search for and obtain wisdom is in each and every one of us.  Taking part is personal.  The trail we blaze can be singular or it may inspire others to reach heights they may not be able to visualize at the moment.

The only bad thing one can attribute to the words filling our mind is if an individual chooses to concentrate on destructive compositions.  Yes, Hitler did write a book.  (Haven’t read it, don’t want to). As anything else in life, what you put in you get out.  Saturate yourself with negativity and do not be surprised when the world around you reflects those detrimental vibrations.

Choose well when deciding to explore the merits of reading.  There are many uplifting, entertaining and enjoyable pieces of work.  Read, read and read some more.


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