The Gift Of You

Every one of us has special traits.  There is something (or many things) that we excel at doing without much effort.  Usually, because we are so good, these activities are enjoyed all the more. And the further we participate, the better we become and the more we like it.  It is a never ending cycle of joy.

As such, we have a few choices to make.  Do we keep these skills to ourselves?  Do we allow a small group to join in?  Or do we go full out and share with the rest of the world?  In the past going big may have been only for the lucky few.  Now, the world is a mere click away.  It is much easier to dispense whatever talents your have to offer.  To focus on sharing is the way to manifest positive feedback.

Having the belief and confidence that your gift is worth bestowing on others may take some time and work.  It will be well worth it in the end.  ‘I have nothing special to give’ you may be saying.  I can guarantee that there is some unique talent that you possess.  It may not bring worldwide fame but I bet there are others who would benefit from your particular expertise.

Sometimes because these natural abilities are seemingly effortless the value can be disregarded.  This is a mistake.  It is unimportant how easy it is to acquire the knowledge and skills.  Passing them along is what counts.  When one opens up to helping others reach even higher plateaus they will find their world expanding. 

Be free, be open and share your gifts. 



Using the imagination is encouraged in kids yet frowned upon in adults as a childish endeavour.  Why is this?  The act of using one’s mind to come up with new and unique ways of thinking or ideas is at the very foundation of a better life.

We all possess an inventiveness despite the fact that some hide, it out if discomfort or worse; shame.  To not permit the creative juices to flow is the disgrace.  Allowing the limiting beliefs of others to stifle one’s original designs must be combatted with fortitude and grace.

When thinking about everything in this modern world of ours it all stems from the fertile ruminations of one person or many persons who had the good sense to see thier visions through to a satisfying end.

The inner strength it takes to forge ahead in the face of, sometimes, astronomical opposition cannot bring about a tranquil existence.  Yet, the struggle to carry on speaks to the individual’s endurance and assumption that what they have to offer will contribute positively in the furtherance of mankind.

That sort of conviction must be empowering.  I dare say, using the imagination in a creative way lends itself to such lofty intentions.  Only a mind free of restrictions where possibilities are concerned, can truly set in motion the fulfillment of discoveries that can change the world for the better.

It seems to me, this should be encouraged in adults.  Instead of being a naysayer, it would behoove us if we were to foster the resourcefulness of ingenuity in those so gifted.  The best way to move forward is to support these unique and distinct individuals willing to place themselves in positions that may not be understood at first.  

Allow them to soar and reap the benefits of thier creative imagination.  And if you are one of these people, let your ideas take flight.

Be Fair

As a kid, I had a huge revelation when told about the ‘Golden Rule’.  ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.  It made perfect sense.  

The religious aspect aside, as I was nowhere near a church upon hearing this truth, the saying made a huge impression.  What could be more fair than that?  This way of thinking had to be right.  No one could go amiss while thinking of how one wants to treated and returning the sentiment in like manner.

From that day to this, it has always been important to see the other side of things.  I find it the best way to come to a reasoned decision.  Along with kindness, treating others the way you want to be treated will reflect well on one’s inate ability to manage all sides alike.

There are times when we would rather be correct than upright and honourable.  No one is perfect.  There will always be differences of opinions.  One must allow others to hold true whatever beliefs they want.  So long as no one is harmed.  It seems to be a no-brainer in giving others the leeway to find what works for them.

Being fair means there will be a concerted effort to travel a bit down the road of their viewpoint.  There is no need to take on board those different notions.  Simply observe.  That is key.  Keeping an open mind will go a long way in the quest for fairness.  Impacting another’s life by fairplay is beneficial.  Good comes from objective judgements.  The journey of equal rights is steeped in treating all without prejudice.

There will be times when we feel disregarded and overlooked.  It happens.  Life has a way of balancing out the good with the bad.  Keeping a positive outlook will help to remain grounded in an honest state of mind.

Being reasonable in the face of adversity will allow for a quicker forward motion.  No one has the right to keep you from playing according to the rules.  Be fair with others and they will do likewise.

The Past

We all have a past.  Good, bad or indifferent, clinging to what was will never allow for growth.  It is easy to dwell on experiences that have occurred as there is no longer a fear attached that will render us immobile.

Life, like driving, will be an endless string of accidents if we try to move forward while concentrating only on the rear view mirror.  The future can be full of trepidation and apprehension simply because of the unfamiliar aspects.  It is what makes life an exciting roller coaster ride.

Learning to accept the unknown will be freeing.  No one wants to remain in a limited mindset.  In order to expand our worlds we must focus on possibilities.  What happened years, months or weeks, ago cannot be changed.  The outcome is fixed.  And while there is comfort in that, there is no chance of changing those events.

That is not to say we must remain welded to those thoughts and beliefs.  So long as there is breathe in our bodies, we have the wherewithal to alter our brainwork and therefore create a different and better future.  It can be easy to get stuck in days gone by.  For most of us that reality is more attractive than a nebulous long term prospect.

The past and the future can rob us of living in the present.  This is one of life’s hardest lessons.  Finding the right balance between learning from the past, while planning a stunning future, yet remaining present.  No one can box this into an indisputable formula.

Every bit is life that has been lived is valuable in the quest for all our tomorrows.  Taking pleasure in and from what once was will help shape what is to be.

The past is over and by all means look on it fondly.  We cannot live there though.  Instead, allow it to design finer opportunities for today.

The Frequency Of Love

We have all experienced this at some time in our lives.  Whether involving parents, children, that special someone or even a pet when all you feel is pure unadulterated love.  And because it is so unsullied the emotions spill over into other areas causing us to vibrate at the frequency of love.

It is a good place to be.  Everything is good and light and fun.  The negative stuff simply does not register.  These particular times are filled with caring and sharing and no expectations of return.  And that would be because the focus becomes on what goes out, not what comes in.  The byproduct of these selfless emotions is, of course, that one is open to allowing the love in as well.

Too often receiving love is more difficult because the focus is on giving.  This robs others of that pleasure and we must learn to accept gracefully what comes to us in the way of love.

Radiating warm feelings is something we can all call on whenever we want.  To conjure them up we merely bring to mind people, places and things which we fancy.  The internal vibes will reverberate and cause the body to respond automatically.  There is no struggle or strain involved.  It will be totally natural.

Being at this peak can only last a short period of time at first.  Yet, the more one lives at the higher plain the easier it gets.  We should all be so lucky to experience this level of being.

It is never easy to explain how to get there as feelings are more important once this state is achieved.  You will know it though when nothing and no one bothers you.  The negative aspects of the outside world simply bounce off.

Once the frequency of love has been reached it will fill one to the brim and because the heart is so full it will automatically spill over and affect all those we come in contact with.  Do not be surprised when others are attracted to you because of this.

Let it in and share it.

The Higher Road

This topic is one which most people (including myself) find most difficult to follow.  It goes deeper than forgiveness.  And as hard as pardoning others can be, what I am suggesting is to forget everything that someone else has done or is doing to you (while remaining safe at all times) and return to them heartfelt, warm feelings of understanding.

Now, I know this will send. Some people into an argumentative state.  Let me say, I understand and forgive that.  Returning kindness for evil goes against the grain of justice and all impressions of right and wrong.  Do not misunderstand me, for anyone who breaks the law I believe jail time is in order.  For your own peace of mind, there is no need to imprison yourself in the vortex of hate.

Sometimes, holding on to the anger serves us.  As it is probably what got us through the experience in the first place.  Once ended, let it go.  The person executing the unprincipled behaviour will be in a hell of their own making.  That is a formidable fact to deal with.  Mind you, they may blame others and make excuses.  That it itself is a whole other prison.  By holding on to any bad feelings you are also participating in the revolving door of malice.

Find a way to step back from the emotions of the situation and regard these people as lost souls. Hurt people, hurt people and you must see them as tortured individuals.  Normal human beings do not want to wound or harm another.  Unintentionally or not.  

There is a higher road available.  It may require a good deal of inner work to get to the point where you cease to feel resentment towards the antagonist.  It is well worth your time to put in that toil.

Good Vibrations

Recently, I experienced a strange occurrence involving another person’s energy level.  First of all let me say, having heard about and understood vibrations (as much as I can) and people emitting frequencies, I had never (to my knowledge or awareness) been exposed to it.

A couple of years ago through a bizarre weather event, I was forced to abandon the home, temporarily, for about a month.  Staying with a relative, whom I had not lived with in decades.  It turned out to be horrendous, for a number of different reasons.  None of which matter.  Except I left that house feeling extremely grateful to be going home.  Now, my life is not the happiest or easiest of circumstances at present but for months after returning I could not help smiling and observing an inner joy.

With careful consideration I came to realize that the environment of my relatives was so insidious and demeaning that if left me scarred.  I do not want to ever go back there.  Now, I like this relative and we talk often.  The distance between us is not merely in the amount of miles we are apart.  The mindset gap is vast.

I could feel an undercurrent of manipulation while staying there that I had not felt in over a year.  (Another story). So being home and happy has been fabulous.

As I said, I speak to this relative often and have noticed a lack of confidence in them that was never there before.  And there is an unwillingness to admit to anything being amiss.  Now, that is not surprising.  Who wants to face up to negative influences especially when it is those nearest and dearest to us.

Anyway, I assumed it was my relative that was the dissenting power in that household.  However, and here is where the unique incident comes in.  Not long ago I met up with the relative and their spouse.  During an innocent conversation I could actually feel the antagonistic vibes flowing from the spouse.

Luckily, I did not join in the need to manipulate others.  I let them be who they are.  It, certainly, was a revelation though.  Being able to see and feel another person’s aura can be scary.

Vibrate at a high level and remain positive as much as possible.  You may be affecting others.