Lesson From Your Pet

Pets can teach us humans many things.  Not least of which is unconditional love.  They rarely give affection expecting anything in return.  (Unless you have a cunning household animal that has learned treats will follow such displays.)  For the most part they are happy just to be fed, watered and sheltered.

The joy they share is also totally genuine.  They do not participate in their ridiculous antics in order to gain favour.  If they do something that makes their human laugh, it is pure and unadulterated on their part.

While some may say that animals have no souls all one has to do is look into the eyes of their pet and know when they are happy, sad or hurting.  They convey so much trust it is heartbreaking at times.  

Having more than one pet brings a whole other dynamic to life.  Sometimes, they get along, sometimes not.  There can be bickering and outwards signs of annoyance or they can get on like a house on fire and become the best of friends.  Our reactions can be put to the test and is just another matter the pet has set up for us to learn from.

The hardest lesson of all is to let them go.  Rarely do animals outlive humans which casts a cloud of sadness that instructs, for the first time in some cases, loved ones on how to navigate through the grieving process.

Pets become a huge part of our lives.  The growth of us as human beings is so tremendous that providing food and shelter seems inadequate by comparison.  Mind you, the love they bring and share is a two-way street.  It takes a cold, cold heart to not form a bond.

The greatest example of a pet’s role is in the life of any human, is how they wheedle their way into our hearts.  No matter what their personalities are (some can be quite ornery) there is always something about them that reflects our own character.  Be it positive or challenging, giving up on them is not an option.

Hug your pets.


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