The Humour Of Politics

Is there anything so serious that it can not be laughed at?  This question comes up often.  Joking and making fun of things is all well and good when it works but involve a sensitive soul or subject and the laughter becomes conspicuous by its absence.

Of course, there are solemn occasions that garner respect and therefore should never be used to obtain a cheap chortle.  911 and Hitler’s desecration of the Jewish people come to mind.  And history could add a number of other horrendous incidents that the human race has endured.

The resilience of man’s spirit never ceases to amaze.  There are people all over the world enjoying themselves, at this very moment in time.  Despite the fact, that many see the political systems throughout free societies as being flawed beyond repair.  There are still millions starving on this planet.

Perception is key.  Focusing on the bad stuff is not productive unless one is prepared to act in a helpful manner.  No one person will ever ‘fix’ a worldwide dilemma and to be fair each individual is only responsible for thier part in any mess.  Blaming heads of states may make us mere mortals feel superior but it is an excuse.  The world is as bad or good as one preceives it to be.

Does that mean we should poke fun at the circumstances we find ourselves in?  Why not?  I find it highly amusing that all these Democratic Americans who have a democratically elected president want to blow a raspberry at the voting system simply because they lost.  I found the same ridiculousness in the Brexit referendum.  There is even humour in my own Prime Minister (whom I did not vote for) being in power simply because of his name. 

Gallows humour is what is needed, to say the least.  Having reservations about the people running our free countries is one thing (if Debtor’s prison were possible for countries, Canada will be there soon) but have some faith in your fellow citizens.

Do not despair, change will come.  It always does.


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