Celebrating Achievements

This blog is not about what type of champagne to order when hitting those huge milestones in life.  Nor do you have to be reminded to take part in the celebration of your choice.  We all rejoice in individual ways when major accomplishments are fulfilled and commemorated in more public fashions.

This is for the subtle achievements that the outside world may not even notice.  Sometimes, the biggest steps are taken by the tiniest actions.  Not everyone measures the end result as the ultimate party time.  It is the little, incremental victories along the way that are significant.  These seemingly inconsequential inroads are the real mastery.  This is what needs to be revered.

Each person follows their own path and as such are the only ones who know what or which are the toughest obstacles.  Facing unique fears along the way must be given its due.  We all endure private trepidations and, when any of these are laid to rest, those feats must be honoured.  Any progress in the right direction , no matter how small, should be noted.

The commemorations do not have to be loud and boisterous affairs.  No one need know, if that is desired.  Keep in mind, there is nothing to be ashamed of.  We all possess strange quirks.  Take the time for yourself and praise the small triumphs you take part in.  The best thing about this system of action/reward is that it tends to propel one forward to reach even loftier goals next time.

This is how improvements are gained.  It is an upward spiral that bring with it confidence, belief and audacity.  Participating in any objective that is scary must be met with an uninterrupted boldness.  (I know, ‘easy to write, not so easy to do’.). Baby steps.  Start with the least frightening of your aims and do one thing to get closer to that target.  Celebrate the tiny success then take another stride.

Before you know it, each of those stages catapults you to startling heights.  Do remember to stop and enjoy each advancement.  You are worth it.  No mountain is ever submitted with one giant leap.


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