The Truth About Freebies

The Internet is full of offers for free stuff.  Click the button and you find you have to buy X, Y and Z in order to get the goods at no cost.  Is it me, or do marketers have a completely different definition of free?

Now that is not to say that all proposals are a scam.  If the product is something you want to spend your hard earned cash on and the add-on is useful, by all means do not pass up on it.  However, know that these so-called ‘freebies’ are being paid for.  As the money you hand over is proof that ‘free’ is a relative term to the seller.

To present the item without charge, as such, is a trick that nearly all business people use these days.  Especially, over the Internet.  They think that we, the public, do not understand the word ‘free’ and will be willing to pay for it.

The thing is, it tends to work.  So are we really that dumb?  ‘A fool and their money are quickly parted’ is the quote that comes to mind.  Or do we see ourselves as cunning bargain hunters by obtaining inflated-priced adds-on’s that we do not particularly want but since it is free . . .?  Remember if they have jacked-up the cost of the ‘free offer’ what they are selling now is just as ridiculously priced.

Being a careful consumer is far more advantageous.  That does not mean you have to miss out on anything.  If you have the money to buy whatever you want, do so.  If you pick and choose to purchase products that are of interest, that is fine too.  Do not get sucked in by bogus bids of something for nothing.

Until the general public revolts against these revolting practises, marketers and salespeople will continue to treat customers like idiots.  Upon receiving a telephone solicit where they continue to emphasize my free gift if I purchase something else, I counter by saying, “Go ahead and send me my free gift.”  They quickly sputter and spirt then hang up.

Free to me means without cost.  There are few products or services in this world that fall under that category.  Pay for the important things and rejoice in value for value.


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