Time For You

Being busy, as most of us are these days, does not equal a full life.  The hours are filled with work and family.  Most of our day is spent toilling away for the benefit of others.  Household chores, although productive, are seldom undertaken with joy.  They are acts and actions that must be completed to the ire of the individual.

Work is another time consuming drudgery.  To be honest, how many of us truly enjoy the jobs we have?  Now many.  Yet, we are slaves to receiving our wages as we all need food, shelter and clothing.

The seconds of each day, tick away and there seems to be less and less time for the things we truly take pleasure in.  Some have gone so far as to give up the simple recreations, claiming work, kids or whatever is more important.

Nothing has greater consequences than keeping yourself healthy and happy.  Yes, to stifle your own sense of well-being for the sake of another (that includes children) is a huge mistake.  I am not advocating one has offspring and then forgets about them.  You can look after the other people in your lives and still find some precious moments to do whatever inspires you.

It all comes down to priorities.  Yes, work and family are imperative.  Your peace of mind should be on a par with those aspects of life.  It may sound selfish and it might seem strange to take time out from the long list of things that need doing; yet what will be gained is a rejuvenated you.  This will do wonders for the soul and spirit.

The scenario is akin to times when you are dead tired yet manage to catch a twenty minute power nap.  Suddenly, the battery is recharged and you are revived.  Taking much-needed moments for yourself will produce the same result.  Whatever it is, you like to do, schedule it into your day and stick to it.  Be present while revelling I your chosen enterprise.  Forget the rest of the day and rejoice in the ‘me time’ you have gifted yourself.


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