Body Image

It is rare for anyone to be totally fine with their own bodies.  We all came in many shapes and sizes.  Some of us are tall, some short.  Some thin, some thick.  Yet, how many of us despise something about ourselves that is naturally part of our make-up?

Society and the media go a long way to try to convince us as to what is most acceptable.  This occurs in both men and women.  Although, women as always, are judged more harshly if they do not conform.  It is ridiculous.  When you think of the billions of people on this planet and no two are alike (even twins have subtle differences) it seems to me to say that nature, God, the Universe (whatever you want to call it’s) has deemed it a good thing to be unique.

As far as the body is concerned there is only one person that has to be pleased.  Yourself.  If you are changing for anyone else, it is a mistake.  And yes, that includes the people who say, ‘I’m doing ‘it’ to feel better about myself’.  Sometimes, that sentence really means they have bought into the labels society has deemed appropriate.  If one wants to be healthy and has to lose weight, by all means help yourself to take off the pounds by eating properly.  You deserve that.  Having surgery to ‘fix’ a nose, breast or implant fake six packs is a vain attempt to conform to someone else’s idea of what beauty is.

Each of us has advantages and disadvantages in the way we appear.  None of those things matter as our exteriors are only a small part of attractiveness.  We would do well to work on our inner loveliness.  That is where the real appeal is generated from.  The heart, mind and spirit are far more important aspects of the image we reflect to the world.

Liking ourselves first allows us to radiate at such a frequency that we become irresistible to others.  Forget about what anyone else thinks.  You are beautiful.  And whatever it is that you do not like about your body is the very thing you should celebrate.  Never let someone else destroy your unequalled distinctiveness.


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