Being Consistent

Participating a steady routine can be thought of as boring.  Doing the same thing over and over again will be rejected as dull.  Yet, these actions are exactly what creates mastery.  No athlete, at the top of their chosen sport, simply shows up for the game without spending the week before (and actually their entire lifetime) without practising.

Actors rehearse.  Apprentices do all the crappy jobs assigned to them in order to learn and grow.  Even idiot savants perform their natural talents every chance they get.  It all comes down to taking the time to carry out the desire.

Being consistent does not just involve physical activities.  There is an undeviating mindset that has to be honed with which to reap the rewards of a job well done.  Shooting baskets, throwing a baseball and scoring aces all begin with the mind telling, encouraging and thrusting one into the throes of action.

A healthy diet is a lesson in consistency.  One must pick and choose the proper food and portions in order to maintain a well-balanced physique.  Unhealthy selections will take their toll.  Sometimes, to stay the course is a better option than changing.

Alterations for improvements are amenable traits.  These substitutes can be used in conjunction with well-established systems.  Even a regular routine can be livened up with a new twist on an old procedure.

One must keep their aim primed on the end goal.  Human’s are attracted to the familiar and that bodes well for those who relish being consistent.  There is a sense of safety in repeating the same old, same old.  That does not mean one has to become complacent.  There is always room for amendments and a better way.

Recognizing a person of uniform standards brings with it trust.  We tend to believe in someone who sticks to thier ideals and are not easily swayed.  It can take years to form an opinion on a variety of subjects.  And if one’s take is in alignment with their morals and ethics, followers are sure to appear.

Being consistent will bring about self-confidence.  Inward or outward, persistence will be rejoiced and steady effort will be celebrated.


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