Believing in oneself is tantamount to a better life.  All the books laud the merits of good opinions.  On the surface everyone can agree with the logic of such insight, yet how many of us actually put this wise counsel into practise?

There are many levels of expectation regarding personal conduct.  Part of us may want to have 100% faith in our abilities yet the output of effort is more like 50% (or less).  And it is so obvious to everyone else.  As much as we fool ourselves into thinking we are giving our all, the proof is generally in the pudding.

If one is not living the life they have envisioned it is most likely because they are holding back due to a lack of conviction.  Regardless of how often you tell yourself (or others) that something better is desired until one’s actions produce the yearned for existence your dedication to change will be suspect.  This does not mean people do not believe you.  Instead it indicates that you are not convinced of your own notions.

It is far more important to persuade yourself that you mean business.  While talking a good game to others may make one feel powerful, proof by exertion, will bring about the unquestioned confidence that you are serious.

The crisis of non-belief hits hards sometimes.  Facing up to it with the realization that there is no shame in taking a stand. Rarely does one’s opinion affect strangers and therefore should be given the dignity deserved.  To believe in yourself may feel supercilious or arrogant.  Be humble, respectful and courteous about the beliefs and show yourself that this is a true view on your part.

Dig deep to allow these honest thoughts and feelings to surface.  The stronger your ardor, the more likely others will accept what is on offer.  In life, all we have to give is ourselves and what we believe in.  Truth, justice and love; share all these things and believe in your own abilities.


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