Ignore Critics And Haters

There are people in this world who are so afraid of stepping out and offering their talents to strangers that all they can do is find fault with those brave souls who bring joy to many.  Being open enough to share skills or art (or what have you) can lead to judgements.  And as all of us are imperfect humans, it is impossible to please everyone.

That is as it should be.  Someone who likes red while you like green, is perfectly within their rights to do so.  Your way of thinking cannot be forced on them.  Nor does it make you right and them wrong.  It is, what it is.  (As they say).   Yet, critics and haters feel compelled to disagree with everyone.

It takes courage to present a creation to the world.  This may be something that has been toiled over for years or a five-minute wonder.  The effort expended is not important.  We all want others to appreciate what is on offer.  Admittedly, humans enjoy being liked and having our work praised.  Despite the fact that we may (and should) not allow that to be a factor.

And yes, it hurts when another vilifies what we do.  It can be extremely difficult not to take it personally.  Yet critics and even haters do have their uses.  Yes, you read correctly.  They can teach us many things.  If we look beyond the nastiness with a cool analysis of what is being said.  If nothing else we can put it down to nonsense.  Antagonists and judges have opinions which are as erroneous as anyone else’s.  If they hit upon a truth that stings because it resonates then by all means learn from it and make changes.

If it has gotten to the point of someone trying to destroy your spirit with their foul observations then see it for what it is.  That person is more to be pitied.  No one can like themselves much if they are truly attempting to degrade another.  In that case, absolutely ignore the opposer.

The greatest defence against such animosity is to like what you have done.  Please yourself first.  If others appreciate the work too, so be it.  If not, no worries so long as you are happy that is really all that matters.


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