Take Pride In Being Unique

‘No two are alike’, does not just apply to snowflakes and fingerprints.  We all have idiosyncrasies which make us who we are.  Yes, there are many similarities with individuals which can be celebrated.  We all love our children and want the best for them as well as all our loved ones.  Being happy is a goal that walled-borders will never defeat.

For all notions that humans agree on, there are as many views that are opposed.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion and they have the right to it.  Respectfully disagreeing is fine.  Forcing change is never productive.  Calmly and with courtesy showing another the error of their ways would be ideal.

Having said that, it applies to our own way of thinking.  Despite the best of intentions, it may be us that has the wrong end of the stick.  Sometimes, things that appear wrong today can be proven to be exactly the right thing with 20 years hindsight.  

I am not advocating civil disobedience or contempt of the law.  (There are plenty of lawyers that take that stand). What I am suggesting is to live peacably within the confines of right and wrong.  We all must choose what those mean to us.

Be different.  Be bold and love first.  I do not want to sound like a hippy but upon entertaining contradictory views shower the adversary with warm feelings.

Being unique may make us targets for cyber-bullies but there is a simple solution to that.  Wait for it . . .  Hold on to you hats . . .  Turn off the WiFi!  What?!  I may have lost you here.

A big problem these days, is everyone wants to be liked and feelings get hurt if there is a difference of opinion.  That turns to name calling and all sorts of ridiculous behaviour.

Be happy that there is no one on this earth like you.  Being one of a kind within a sea of incomparable humanity makes us all distinctive.  Delight in the collective individuality.  Human’s everywhere are great.  We should all be proud to be unique.


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