Reward Yourself

Self-talk is something we all do.  Unfortunately, as we are our harshest critics, these words are what do the most damage to the old self-esteem.  The main reason for a lack of success or if fortune hits, we sabotage all goodness because of the awful things repeated in our minds.  We would never be friends with someone who spoke the way we communicate, so negatively, towards ourselves.

There comes a time when we recognize what is happening and it must stop.  The problem with that is, by the time awareness sinks in, the damage is so ingrained that it is nearly impossible to change.  Ceasing the behaviour is not out of the question.  It can be done.  Effort and courage will be needed to move forward.  It has got to be taken on.  As all bad habits serve us in some way, falling back into the old patterns will be inevitable.

Building up confidence by telling ourselves we can do anything is awkward at first.  Not only because we are unused to such self-praise but it feels strange to bombard compliments and appreciation directed inwardly.  It can be preceived as false pride and vanity.  Looking at the scenario logically, you are the best ‘you’ on this earth.  No one else is exactly the same.  You are not perfect, none of us are, but as far as ‘you’ are concerned there is nobody better.

Doing the best and being as splendid as possible is all we can ask.  Living an honest, kind and loving lifestyle must be the goal of every soul.  Each stride we make in the direction of improvement should be honoured and rewarded.  Pat yourself on the back when aiding others.  Compensate by lifting up your own spirits.  Giving approval to our being may be uncomfortable but it will make the rewards, directed towards you, easier to swallow.

Knowing you have done your best should be appreciated for what high praise that is.  You deserve to reward yourself.


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