Lesson From Your Pet

Pets can teach us humans many things.  Not least of which is unconditional love.  They rarely give affection expecting anything in return.  (Unless you have a cunning household animal that has learned treats will follow such displays.)  For the most part they are happy just to be fed, watered and sheltered.

The joy they share is also totally genuine.  They do not participate in their ridiculous antics in order to gain favour.  If they do something that makes their human laugh, it is pure and unadulterated on their part.

While some may say that animals have no souls all one has to do is look into the eyes of their pet and know when they are happy, sad or hurting.  They convey so much trust it is heartbreaking at times.  

Having more than one pet brings a whole other dynamic to life.  Sometimes, they get along, sometimes not.  There can be bickering and outwards signs of annoyance or they can get on like a house on fire and become the best of friends.  Our reactions can be put to the test and is just another matter the pet has set up for us to learn from.

The hardest lesson of all is to let them go.  Rarely do animals outlive humans which casts a cloud of sadness that instructs, for the first time in some cases, loved ones on how to navigate through the grieving process.

Pets become a huge part of our lives.  The growth of us as human beings is so tremendous that providing food and shelter seems inadequate by comparison.  Mind you, the love they bring and share is a two-way street.  It takes a cold, cold heart to not form a bond.

The greatest example of a pet’s role is in the life of any human, is how they wheedle their way into our hearts.  No matter what their personalities are (some can be quite ornery) there is always something about them that reflects our own character.  Be it positive or challenging, giving up on them is not an option.

Hug your pets.


The Humour Of Politics

Is there anything so serious that it can not be laughed at?  This question comes up often.  Joking and making fun of things is all well and good when it works but involve a sensitive soul or subject and the laughter becomes conspicuous by its absence.

Of course, there are solemn occasions that garner respect and therefore should never be used to obtain a cheap chortle.  911 and Hitler’s desecration of the Jewish people come to mind.  And history could add a number of other horrendous incidents that the human race has endured.

The resilience of man’s spirit never ceases to amaze.  There are people all over the world enjoying themselves, at this very moment in time.  Despite the fact, that many see the political systems throughout free societies as being flawed beyond repair.  There are still millions starving on this planet.

Perception is key.  Focusing on the bad stuff is not productive unless one is prepared to act in a helpful manner.  No one person will ever ‘fix’ a worldwide dilemma and to be fair each individual is only responsible for thier part in any mess.  Blaming heads of states may make us mere mortals feel superior but it is an excuse.  The world is as bad or good as one preceives it to be.

Does that mean we should poke fun at the circumstances we find ourselves in?  Why not?  I find it highly amusing that all these Democratic Americans who have a democratically elected president want to blow a raspberry at the voting system simply because they lost.  I found the same ridiculousness in the Brexit referendum.  There is even humour in my own Prime Minister (whom I did not vote for) being in power simply because of his name. 

Gallows humour is what is needed, to say the least.  Having reservations about the people running our free countries is one thing (if Debtor’s prison were possible for countries, Canada will be there soon) but have some faith in your fellow citizens.

Do not despair, change will come.  It always does.

Celebrating Achievements

This blog is not about what type of champagne to order when hitting those huge milestones in life.  Nor do you have to be reminded to take part in the celebration of your choice.  We all rejoice in individual ways when major accomplishments are fulfilled and commemorated in more public fashions.

This is for the subtle achievements that the outside world may not even notice.  Sometimes, the biggest steps are taken by the tiniest actions.  Not everyone measures the end result as the ultimate party time.  It is the little, incremental victories along the way that are significant.  These seemingly inconsequential inroads are the real mastery.  This is what needs to be revered.

Each person follows their own path and as such are the only ones who know what or which are the toughest obstacles.  Facing unique fears along the way must be given its due.  We all endure private trepidations and, when any of these are laid to rest, those feats must be honoured.  Any progress in the right direction , no matter how small, should be noted.

The commemorations do not have to be loud and boisterous affairs.  No one need know, if that is desired.  Keep in mind, there is nothing to be ashamed of.  We all possess strange quirks.  Take the time for yourself and praise the small triumphs you take part in.  The best thing about this system of action/reward is that it tends to propel one forward to reach even loftier goals next time.

This is how improvements are gained.  It is an upward spiral that bring with it confidence, belief and audacity.  Participating in any objective that is scary must be met with an uninterrupted boldness.  (I know, ‘easy to write, not so easy to do’.). Baby steps.  Start with the least frightening of your aims and do one thing to get closer to that target.  Celebrate the tiny success then take another stride.

Before you know it, each of those stages catapults you to startling heights.  Do remember to stop and enjoy each advancement.  You are worth it.  No mountain is ever submitted with one giant leap.

The Truth About Freebies

The Internet is full of offers for free stuff.  Click the button and you find you have to buy X, Y and Z in order to get the goods at no cost.  Is it me, or do marketers have a completely different definition of free?

Now that is not to say that all proposals are a scam.  If the product is something you want to spend your hard earned cash on and the add-on is useful, by all means do not pass up on it.  However, know that these so-called ‘freebies’ are being paid for.  As the money you hand over is proof that ‘free’ is a relative term to the seller.

To present the item without charge, as such, is a trick that nearly all business people use these days.  Especially, over the Internet.  They think that we, the public, do not understand the word ‘free’ and will be willing to pay for it.

The thing is, it tends to work.  So are we really that dumb?  ‘A fool and their money are quickly parted’ is the quote that comes to mind.  Or do we see ourselves as cunning bargain hunters by obtaining inflated-priced adds-on’s that we do not particularly want but since it is free . . .?  Remember if they have jacked-up the cost of the ‘free offer’ what they are selling now is just as ridiculously priced.

Being a careful consumer is far more advantageous.  That does not mean you have to miss out on anything.  If you have the money to buy whatever you want, do so.  If you pick and choose to purchase products that are of interest, that is fine too.  Do not get sucked in by bogus bids of something for nothing.

Until the general public revolts against these revolting practises, marketers and salespeople will continue to treat customers like idiots.  Upon receiving a telephone solicit where they continue to emphasize my free gift if I purchase something else, I counter by saying, “Go ahead and send me my free gift.”  They quickly sputter and spirt then hang up.

Free to me means without cost.  There are few products or services in this world that fall under that category.  Pay for the important things and rejoice in value for value.

Time For You

Being busy, as most of us are these days, does not equal a full life.  The hours are filled with work and family.  Most of our day is spent toilling away for the benefit of others.  Household chores, although productive, are seldom undertaken with joy.  They are acts and actions that must be completed to the ire of the individual.

Work is another time consuming drudgery.  To be honest, how many of us truly enjoy the jobs we have?  Now many.  Yet, we are slaves to receiving our wages as we all need food, shelter and clothing.

The seconds of each day, tick away and there seems to be less and less time for the things we truly take pleasure in.  Some have gone so far as to give up the simple recreations, claiming work, kids or whatever is more important.

Nothing has greater consequences than keeping yourself healthy and happy.  Yes, to stifle your own sense of well-being for the sake of another (that includes children) is a huge mistake.  I am not advocating one has offspring and then forgets about them.  You can look after the other people in your lives and still find some precious moments to do whatever inspires you.

It all comes down to priorities.  Yes, work and family are imperative.  Your peace of mind should be on a par with those aspects of life.  It may sound selfish and it might seem strange to take time out from the long list of things that need doing; yet what will be gained is a rejuvenated you.  This will do wonders for the soul and spirit.

The scenario is akin to times when you are dead tired yet manage to catch a twenty minute power nap.  Suddenly, the battery is recharged and you are revived.  Taking much-needed moments for yourself will produce the same result.  Whatever it is, you like to do, schedule it into your day and stick to it.  Be present while revelling I your chosen enterprise.  Forget the rest of the day and rejoice in the ‘me time’ you have gifted yourself.

Body Image

It is rare for anyone to be totally fine with their own bodies.  We all came in many shapes and sizes.  Some of us are tall, some short.  Some thin, some thick.  Yet, how many of us despise something about ourselves that is naturally part of our make-up?

Society and the media go a long way to try to convince us as to what is most acceptable.  This occurs in both men and women.  Although, women as always, are judged more harshly if they do not conform.  It is ridiculous.  When you think of the billions of people on this planet and no two are alike (even twins have subtle differences) it seems to me to say that nature, God, the Universe (whatever you want to call it’s) has deemed it a good thing to be unique.

As far as the body is concerned there is only one person that has to be pleased.  Yourself.  If you are changing for anyone else, it is a mistake.  And yes, that includes the people who say, ‘I’m doing ‘it’ to feel better about myself’.  Sometimes, that sentence really means they have bought into the labels society has deemed appropriate.  If one wants to be healthy and has to lose weight, by all means help yourself to take off the pounds by eating properly.  You deserve that.  Having surgery to ‘fix’ a nose, breast or implant fake six packs is a vain attempt to conform to someone else’s idea of what beauty is.

Each of us has advantages and disadvantages in the way we appear.  None of those things matter as our exteriors are only a small part of attractiveness.  We would do well to work on our inner loveliness.  That is where the real appeal is generated from.  The heart, mind and spirit are far more important aspects of the image we reflect to the world.

Liking ourselves first allows us to radiate at such a frequency that we become irresistible to others.  Forget about what anyone else thinks.  You are beautiful.  And whatever it is that you do not like about your body is the very thing you should celebrate.  Never let someone else destroy your unequalled distinctiveness.

Being Consistent

Participating a steady routine can be thought of as boring.  Doing the same thing over and over again will be rejected as dull.  Yet, these actions are exactly what creates mastery.  No athlete, at the top of their chosen sport, simply shows up for the game without spending the week before (and actually their entire lifetime) without practising.

Actors rehearse.  Apprentices do all the crappy jobs assigned to them in order to learn and grow.  Even idiot savants perform their natural talents every chance they get.  It all comes down to taking the time to carry out the desire.

Being consistent does not just involve physical activities.  There is an undeviating mindset that has to be honed with which to reap the rewards of a job well done.  Shooting baskets, throwing a baseball and scoring aces all begin with the mind telling, encouraging and thrusting one into the throes of action.

A healthy diet is a lesson in consistency.  One must pick and choose the proper food and portions in order to maintain a well-balanced physique.  Unhealthy selections will take their toll.  Sometimes, to stay the course is a better option than changing.

Alterations for improvements are amenable traits.  These substitutes can be used in conjunction with well-established systems.  Even a regular routine can be livened up with a new twist on an old procedure.

One must keep their aim primed on the end goal.  Human’s are attracted to the familiar and that bodes well for those who relish being consistent.  There is a sense of safety in repeating the same old, same old.  That does not mean one has to become complacent.  There is always room for amendments and a better way.

Recognizing a person of uniform standards brings with it trust.  We tend to believe in someone who sticks to thier ideals and are not easily swayed.  It can take years to form an opinion on a variety of subjects.  And if one’s take is in alignment with their morals and ethics, followers are sure to appear.

Being consistent will bring about self-confidence.  Inward or outward, persistence will be rejoiced and steady effort will be celebrated.