The Road To Happiness

Happiness is the one thing everyone wants.  Some would trade in untold riches for a few moments of sheer joy.  Yet, it eludes the wealthy and poverty-stricken alike.  The only limits on reaching enjoyment are created by our own minds.

No one can exercise their will to force another to be happy.  Despite how much we may want to share the bliss.  What makes me happy, may be the most dull thing in the world to another.  Conversely, someone else’s idea of joy, may be a death knell towards pleasure, as far as I am concerned.

The path to happiness is different for everyone.  And that is as it should be.  Delighting in unusual activities (so long as no one is harmed) makes for interesting characteristics.  If making walls, brings about merriment, be like Churchill and spend your time mixing cement to brick up a standing feature.  If painting stimulates your senses, carry on illustrating.  If working on cars keeps you enthralled, by all means, put together a dune buggy.

We all must blaze a trail to our own pleasurable pursuits.  While never allowing others to stifle those longings.  To have our spirits dashed simply because it is ‘not normal’ behaviour is silly.  (Once again, so long as these pleasures do no harm).  

Sometimes we have to mentally struggle with ourselves to conjure up the courage to take part.  The right to happiness is for everyone.  When one finds the things that they find fun, I say, engage.  Allowing others the liberty to follow their delight-filled ventures is joyous for everyone.  Try as many different alternatives as it may take.  Once a favourable pastime is discovered, continue on that trail until something else takes your fancy.

The road to happiness lies within each of us.  I may wind and turn, or twist and wobble but keep following it and you will never go wrong.


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