Positive Beliefs

The way we view the world has everything to do with what we believe.  As they say ‘the glass is either half full or half empty’.  (Do not know why it matters so long as the cup can be replenished any time).  There is always a way to look at situations and find a positive view.

Having written that, I struggle with being optimistic.  There are times when the brightest lights are obscured by a dark cloud hovering over my head.

It has taken decades to learn that the shroud can be eradicated with better judgements.  One saving grace is , of course, humour.  If you can find one aspect of the gloom to poke fun at, a tiny chink of light breaks through.  And all of a sudden, there is a warm glow where the black frame of mind used to be.

This shows that we can change our dispositions any time we want.  It may take effort to navigate through the stages but presuming this has to be difficult is a misnomer.  It can be as pleasant as required.

The tricky thing about seeing the bright side, is not everyone will agree.  In fact, some (and they can be the people closest to us) will only focus on the negatives.  And as we are encouraged to dump these ‘naysayers’, it is not that easy when it is a loved one who is struggling with their own demons.  Aiding with someone’s mental health issues can be tough on all.  It is well worth the strain to remind those near and dear to us, that they are loved and not alone.  Injecting a bit of wit always improves one’s outlook.

As it is ‪@Bell_LetsTalk‬ day let us do our best to show some understanding and kindness for those combating their minds to believe in a positive point of view.  We all can use some practical help from time to time and some need it more than others.  Having an optimistic way of thinking can be learned.  Let your creativity loose and enjoy.


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