Imaginative Fun

As kids we spend most of our time creating enjoyment.  No one needs to be organized with structured activities.  Walking along the road can become an adventure in a pirate’s buried treasure.  Whatever comes to mind is there to be rejoiced in.  Unfortunately, as adults we are discouraged from such fantasies.  I venture to say, it would do a great deal of good to revisit our childhoods on occasion.  For the simple reason, that the liberation would bring about much benefit.

Using the imagination is not only for younger generations.  Contrary to popular belief, older people, right up to the elderly, possess that resource in abundance.  Yet, western societies rarely offer them the opportunity to share that valuable commodity.  They would rather ignore or disregard anyone who has reached a venerable time of life.  It is a shame, as humans over the age of 35, 45, 55 (pick a number) have a volume of life experiences that can be expanded on and exaggerated into entertaining stories,

Young and old, alike, should flex this muscle often.  It is an attribute that is under-valued by the general population.  However, if each individual got the ball rolling by engaging with parents, grandparents and crazy aunts or uncles, a multitude of merriment can be had.  All it takes is to listen to the amusing anecdotes of others. 

Some have allowed these clever narratives to remain dormant in the mind for far too long.  Break out of the norm and do not let what is supposed to be ‘acceptable behaviour’ trap you into a dull existence.  Use that brain you were given and share the ingenious, forces behind it.

Life is too short to have someone else dictate how or what you should think.  Use the imagination for fun and it will not only benefit those around you but it may spark something that propels you to higher and higher levels of playfulness.  Open up to the freedom.


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