Give Value

Helping our fellow human beings is something we all do.  Whether it is guiding our children through their formative years and beyond or simply lending a hand to a friend with a tricky life situation.  It is enjoyable to know that our advice and insights have given solace to those in need.

These days there are many people attempting to parley this aspect of their lives into a business.  Yes, the well-meaning really do want to assist others to reach their potential but some are, quite frankly, in it for a quick buck.  Luckily, they do not last long.

The key difference between the bogus frauds and those truly out to improve is the value on offer.  No one gives away everything for free (especially in business) but the people who care enough about their clients (as people and not just sources of money) will put in time and effort to back their products and encourage the customers to succeed.  They are the ones who understand ‘when the client wins, so do they’.

I have to admit, there is a part of me that finds the personal developement field, a sham.  Yes, I know if it were a doctor’s expertise one sought out, they would be paid but I am in Canada and we do not pay doctors (not outright, anyway.  Taxes!). It does make me think, self-help guru’s are akin to friends giving counsel.  How many of us pay our friends for their valuable expertise?  Simply because someone is willing to pay, does that mean we all must?

It is extremely confusing for me especially as I want to write for a living.  Some people find no value in the written word.  Yet, think nothing of paying thousands for a computer to read another’s work.  I have decided to present as much helpful information as I can with blogs and entertainment within novels.  In the hopes that others will reciprocate monetarily when merited.


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