Never Give Up

Churchill’s saying ‘Never, never, never, never . . . (ad infinitum) . . . give up’ is a motto to live by.  The man took on a world gone mad and through sheer tenacious stubbornness held off an evil which threatened to invade the free societies of this planet.

Having a dream is not as earth scattering as war (unless that is your dream? Then you have bigger problems than I can advise you on) but allowing setbacks or frustrations to destroy your will to carry on is the key to failure.

Some say never trying is the single most defeatist attitude however, to give up is just as destructive.  ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’ and to walk away, prior to daybreak, one forfeits seeing a beautiful sunrise and squanders the opportunity to bask in the light.

The decision to pursue a vision can be terrifying but once that verdict has been reached, the journey begins.  As no trek is a smooth run we would do best to expect all manner of obstacles.  It is inevitable and should not put us off.  Knowing this small truth is exactly what stops many from taking a chance on changing their circumstances.  Slaying the dragon they know is so much easier than stretching and growing.  Despite the fact, that advancing may be part of the goal.

So, how does one go about convincing themselves to forge ahead to reach a desire.  The first step is to believe in the end goal.  Know that the quest you are on is your destiny.  Doubtless, unwavering must be ingrained in every fibre of your being.  Confidence in one’s abilities has to be uppermost.  Yet, not having all the answers is part of the passage that is the most interesting and fun.

Once the conviction is settled it is time to share that expectation with anyone you come in contact with.  You never know who can help along the way.  Social media can really contribute here.

The last, and most important step, is to never give up.  If this is truly your destiny there is no walking away.  Keep moving forward.  Your destination will not be reached otherwise.


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