Performing any physical activities benefits the health and welfare of the individual.  So, why do we avoid it?  Playing is fun. We all did it as kids without complaint and without being told to take part.  Maybe it has to do with growing out of that child-like abandon where making mistakes are laughed at and immediately learned from?

There is no reason why adults can not retain that freedom to find humour in honest blunders.  Larking about should be enjoyed.  Although, not all bodily movements are conducted in the realm of sport.  And the older one gets the more caution has to be taken.  No one wants to be harmed in the pursuit of health.

Time and money constraints are the usual excuses.  Yet, we will find the time and cash to do the things we really want.  If we were to discover exercises that were fun there would be no argument.  In fact, designing a personal routine costs nothing and implementing it can be scheduled at your convenience.  As you are in charge, any number of activities can be chosen from weight training to tai chi.  Ignorance is no excuse as the Internet will uncover a wide range of work-outs.

The most difficult part of keeping fit is creating the habit.  Once that is formed and you have found the perfect time and routine, it can be accomplished.  Right up until you stop once.  That is all it takes to return to your slovenly ways.  One has to search themselves and come up with better reasons to continue the work-out.  Otherwise the excuses will win out and all will be lost.  One of those personal tracking devices will help.

Taking care of yourself is an attractive trait.  Members of the opposite sex do like to see a person responsible for their own health.  Not that one should do it for others however, it can be an incentive.  Love yourself enough to keep fit.  Being hale and hearty will do wonders for your mindset as well.  It is surprising how much clarity you gain.  Sound in body and mind.  When that level is reached there will be no stopping you.


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